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Business Consulting

Why should the latest managerial and financial strategies only be available to the largest organisations?

Focus Partners capitalises on its years of experience in the Spanish market to help you make educated, informed investment decisions whether they be in a business or personal context. Our services include, but are not limited to, outplacement, business strategies, restructuring, executive search, refinance, back-to-back credit, fund raising, stock options, lease-back and more.

We aim to help you and your business through every step of the business life cycle.
It is our mission to take the most recent best-practice management and negotiation techniques out of the business schools and apply them to your company.

At Focus Partners we help you achieve your goals by providing insight and assistance with a whole range of financial, management and negotiation issues.

Our Services : Business

Starting a business

Creating a business plan and a financial plan. Identifying objectives. Market analysis


Finding investment or finance. Assistance with negotiation strategies, financial planning, acquisitions, restructuring and Human Resources.


Creating new business divisions, delocalisation, re-sizing, selling a business division. Advice on preparing a business for sale, searching for external financing or ensuring a successful change of ownership.

Succession Planning

Ensuring a smooth transition from one managerial generation to the next.

Selling a company,

Creating a strategy for negotiations with the buyer, Objective valuation of the company. Identification and profiling of potential buyers.

Finance and Investment

Securing finance for you business.

Company liquidations

Valuations and negotiations with banks, staff and third-parties.

Other Services - Investment

Invest in Spain

Invest in property or businesses in Spain

Invest in Rumania

Invest in property or businesses in Spain

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